Arowana: Majestic Fish of the Amazon

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Care Level: Advanced
Temperament: Semi-aggressive
Life Expectancy: 10-15 years
Water Requirements: 75-82° F, 6.5-7.5 pH
Tank Requirements: 250+ gallons
Diet: Live or frozen insects, small fish, krill, worms, shrimp, and carnivorous fish pellets

The Arowana fish, with its majestic presence and exotic allure, is a captivating species highly sought after by experienced aquarium enthusiasts. Native to the vast waters of the South American Amazon river, these semi-aggressive predators exhibit a unique blend of power and grace, making them a centerpiece in any advanced hobbyist's collection.

Characteristics and Behavior

Arowanas are streamlined creatures designed for swift movement in their natural habitat. Sporting silver scales and distinctive "drawbridge" shaped mouths, they are renowned for their hunting technique of leaping out of the water to snatch prey from overhanging branches. With the potential to grow up to 4 feet in length given adequate space, they demand a tank size of 250 gallons or more to thrive.

Tank Requirements and Compatibility

Creating a suitable environment for Arowanas demands meticulous attention to detail. Mimicking the dimly lit expanses of the Amazon, these fish prefer spacious tanks with minimal lighting. However, despite their solitary nature, they may not coexist peacefully with other fish due to their predatory instincts. While some compatible tankmates include angelfish, catfish, Plecostomus, Oscars, and cichlids, careful monitoring is necessary to prevent aggression.

Varieties of Arowana

Arowanas captivate enthusiasts with their diverse array of species, including the Black, Platinum, Asian, Blue, Blood Red, Jardini, Golden, and Silver varieties. Each type boasts unique characteristics and visual appeal, adding to the allure of these prized fish.

Arowana in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, Arowanas symbolize luck, prosperity, and business success. Owners meticulously care for these fish, as their vibrant colors—particularly shades of pink and gold—signify wealth and economic expansion. Placing Arowanas strategically, such as facing north or east, is believed to enhance career prospects and financial fortune.

Caring for Arowana

Owning an Arowana requires commitment and dedication. These fish thrive in environments with stable pH levels, ample space, and high water quality. Providing a balanced diet of live or frozen prey ensures their well-being, while securing the tank with a lid prevents their tendency to jump.


Arowanas, with their commanding presence and symbolic significance, occupy a special place in the realm of exotic freshwater fishkeeping. While their care demands expertise and attention, the rewards of nurturing these majestic creatures are unparalleled. As guardians of luck and prosperity, Arowanas stand as timeless symbols of nature's splendor and the boundless wonders of the aquatic world.

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